Pro Tips To Never Regret DIY Residential Painting In Vancouver


Painting your property is a tough choice when it comes to choosing the paint type and budgeting. However, you can also perform the paint job yourself, just by learning pro tips over the internet. Many authors and YouTubers provide DIY Painting content but, only a few posts are available for the pre-process tips to get perfection and convenience altogether. This blog is not to discourage the other techniques, but it’s just to let new painters know about the professional methods we use for our residential painting Vancouver. All the following tips induce increased protection, adhesion, perfect finishes, as well as quick and clean undertakings.

Always Prime the Surfaces:

Whatever you’re looking to paints, never forget to prime the surface. It’s the first things that make the finish flawless and smooth. The priming not only covers the dents and bulges from the surfaces, but it also protects moisture and mold to pass through the walls and disrupt the paint. Priming before residential painting in Vancouver also creates a better bond between the surface and paint to improve longevity.

However, there is a misconception that people get all in one enamel paints and coat it over the surfaces without priming. People even add less solvent to work with a think paint, thinking to get a firm finish. But that is not the case. Adding a primer is a must to save yourself from trouble and repainting the premises early.

Choose Canvas for Floors:

Whenever you’re painting, protecting your floor and furniture from splashes is crucial. For safety, people often use plastic sheets and newspaper. However, investing for a cotton cloth canvas to prevent paint splatters is our professional choice for residential painting in Vancouver. The cotton canvas is more natural to lay on floors, but it’s also durable to withstand punctures or ripping apart. They are also washable, meaning you can use them as much as possible.


Use a Paint Roller extension:

While working for residential painting contractors Vancouver, our painters don’t use ladders. They utilize roller extensions and recommends to use them as well. The ladders take more spaces and create chances of accidental bucket drop. To prevent such miseries, a paint roller extension comes in handy.

These roller extension rods are available in different sizes, both fixed and adjustable. Always choose adjustable one, have threads to fit the roller inside, and robust with a comfortable grip. Never attempt to attach a simple pipe with threads as it can compensate the accuracy.

Grid is Better Than Trays:

In numerous presentations over the web, painters are using paint trays to clear off the excess paint from the rollers. It’s okay to use a tray, but there are certain risks associated with it, including stepping into the paint yourself or accidentally kicking it to splatter paint all over the floor. Therefore, recommendations are always to choose a paint grid during residential painting in Vancouver.

The grid fits inside the bucket and conveniently clears the excess paint: no more spillage, no accidents and no need to refill the tray.

Remember the Paint Specs:

This part is necessary as it allows you to get the same paint for retouches to keep the paint fresh. The professional way is to snap the images and store it with the customer name on a computer. You can also save the empty cans with you recall the manufacturer name, finish type and the colour choice.